Men’s Health

The Doctors on Erin Street,  Wilsonton, have a special interest in men’s health.  Talk to us about erectile dysfunction, prostate cancer, testicle lumps and mens sexual health issues.

Male infertility:

which can have many causes, is often treatable and should be investigated before starting assisted reproductive technologies.

Prostate disease:

more common in the older male, can make urinating difficult. Treatment is available, often in the form of drugs or surgery.

Erectile dysfunction:

commonly referred to as impotence, can happen as a result of another underlying health problem such as diabetes. There are not any specific treatments that will cure erectile dysfunction, but there are treatments that will allow erections to happen.

Androgen deficiency:

is linked with low testosterone levels, which can play a part in feelings of low energy and easy fatigue, irritability and a reduced sex drive. Once the diagnosis of androgen deficiency is made, treatment can begin with a positive effect on quality of life.

Testicular cancer:

often thought to be a young man’s disease, has a high survival rate if detected early. Self-examination of the testis should be encouraged for early detection.