Info for New Patients

Our usual policy is that all new patients are required to make a long appointment i.e. 20 minutes, which allows the doctor to create a complete medical history.  There are exceptions to this policy e.g. healthy children with simple illnesses, who are otherwise well, would not need a long consultation. If you are unclear please discuss with our reception staff.

We require you attend the practice at least 10 minutes prior to your first appointment to enable support staff to set you up in our system and enter all relevant health information.

You may have consistently consulted with a GP at another practice.  The health information held by that GP may assist us with your future health care needs.  You may wish to have a copy or a summary of your health records transferred to this practice.  Please ask the receptionist for information about how this can take place.

medicare bulk-billing


Bulk billing for consultations is available for Pensioners, healthcare card holders, children and DVA patients.  Other patients are privately billed.

Procedures such as skin lesion excisions will normally involve a ‘gap’ payment for most patients; i.e. these will not normally be bulk-billed.

moneySome services such as:

  • Commercial Driver licence medicals
  • Work medicals
  • Q fever and some travel vaccinations

have to be privately billed as these are not covered by Medicare.

Consultations on Saturdays, after hours and those before 8am will be privately billed, regardless of your concession status or age.

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