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Meg Menhinnet

Ann Kennedy – Credentialed Diabetic Educator

Maree Storrs

Kerri Lupton

Chanelle Steenkamp

Caitlin Hillyer


Rachel Donnelly

Rachel is a Clinical Psychologist who provides therapy for young people and adults for a range of mental health concerns including anxiety, depression and stress.  She has a particular interest in helping people adjust to life changes and transition. Common areas include: education, employment, relationships, parenthood, retirement and health.  Although change is normal and helps us to grow, it can be unexpected, unwelcome and difficult to manage.  Rachel understands that you may feel anxious about seeing a psychologist and aims to provide a non-judgmental, confidential space that helps you to feel safe and supported; a space within which you can reflect, reframe and refocus on what is important to you. In your initial session Rachel will explain about therapy and work with you to develop a plan to make a positive change in your life.

Rachel has a background is education having been a teacher and school Guidance Officer.  She is passionate about social justice and empowering people to be their own agents of change to reach their potential. When Rachel isn’t working she loves to travel and be outdoors connecting with nature and animals.

Rachel has been a psychologist since 2011 having worked across public and private settings. She established Lighthouse Psychology Services in 2015 which is located at James Neil Medical Plaza.  Patients are able to see her there or at Dr on Erin Street Medical Centre which she visits fortnightly.

Practice Manager

Sherrie Zell


Lauren Evans

Justine Bremner

Hayley Nightingale

Leanne McGrath

Linda Robertson

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