Weight loss

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Get help with weight loss


We will investigate to make sure there are no medical causes, then help you understand why you are overweight.  We will also look for any medical issues that being overweight may have caused.  Once these issues have been addressed we will teach you what you need to know in order to lose weight, AND keep it off.

Motivation is an important part of losing weight, and we will help you with this also, keeping in close contact with you through your weight loss journey.

Learn about carbs, protein and fat and how they influence your weight and existing medical conditions.  Learn about Keto, 5/2, Paleo,  low carb,  calorie counting diets and which may be best for you.

Top weight loss tips:

  1. Eat less carbs – ie sugar, bread, potato, rice, pasta etc
  2. Eat only when hungry (really hungry).  Don’t eat just because its lunch time!
  3. Eat real food – not processed food (food that comes in a packet – a packet of food that says ‘low-carb’ is very likely NOT low carb) – if the food you buy does not have a list of ingredients, then you are on the right track
  4. Measure your progress wisely by weighing and measuring your waist circumference
  5. Do not eat ‘Everything in moderation’ – eat as little garbage as possible
  6. Be persistent – weight loss requires long term change
  7. Avoid fruit – use as an occasional treat only if possible; if you must eat fruit a handful of berries is best
  8. Avoid drinking beer – wine or spirits have less carbs
  9. Avoid diet drinks and artificial sweeteners – these actually increase your appetite and make losing weight harder
  10. Review your medications with your doctor – many medications MAY affect your ability to gain or lose weight
  11. Improve your sleep quality and duration – talk to your doctor for tips on this
  12. Reduce stress
  13. Exercise – helps SO LONG AS you are already doing everything above.  What you put in your mouth gives far more bang for your buck than exercising.  Interval training and strength training are best.